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tv   [untitled]    October 3, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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homeowner on potrero hill i've rented in the past but i fully support this project i spelling building this city needs more housing would it be nice it housing had a well-thought-out plan i've prosecuted or interested in seeing a vacant gas station turn out out where folks live i'm in full support of it i know you guys have our work up to the time cut out for you but the bottom line for me i believe that the less housing tlrgs there's going to be a for expensive problem that's y what is pushing people out of the city i don't say that as people to live that are rich in my neighborhood i have two shops i
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believe those people will be my clients i'm into it so thank you guys. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon commissioners i'm the vice president of admission delores neighborhood association a 35 year resident of the north mission and a long time advocate the current and sore has on a magnet for years and has seriously impede progress towards the overall good quality of life in the mission building proposed for this corner 490 south van ness is very well-designed and attractive and suited for this
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intersection filling in this corner will bring better energy to a place where it has a beneficial effect on the quality of life on 16 and mission i urge you to give the project our final approval so the developer can break gown thank you. >> thank you. >> hi so i'm also in support of the project for all the same reasons that more housing is helpful for the general market i'm excited for san francisco to be able to take advantage to take advantage of all the pretty high income people that live here they are able to pay high rents and able to support tall buildings and high quality
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buildings that's not also true buildings are in different stages you can't probably build bylaw because people will not pay for anything new thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi, i'm raphael i'm a neighborhood two blocks north of the project i urge the commissioners to approve that i'm very much in favor of building more because of the how's countries is san francisco 24 project i like because of the high density and the bart station sea opens up the bus lines and it can only help to put more people in an area with lots of amenities and access for those reasons i urge you to
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support in project. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon commissioners i'm victor stein i was at the last hearing supporting this project i own a building at 15 and van ness and lived in the mission in the 80s up until new housing in the 1990s, the crime was redundantless and the new building on 15 and south van ness has made an impact of the safety of the surrounding two blocks there is no there's one point i don't understand the problem with the driveway of 490 more schools are on busy streets and the schools provide crossing guards my children were about or were on a road where it didn't
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make sense that cars during drop off and pick up i hope that kids safety is not being used for a different political agenda please support south van ness thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello commissioners. i'm elizabeth more and more i'm going to read into the record a neighbor dear planning commission i'm paula and long business person in the inner mission i own a property management company we're located on 1905 mission street with our garage entrance on 15 abutting the entrance to a school we have 24 residential units with 24 parking spaces in our garage we
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have muni on the corner of 15 and 16 street at the bart station approximately 5 to 6 cars only leave our garage so people take advantage of the public transportation i believe the project is in keeping with the eastern neighborhood plan that past commissions work hard as an a.d. individual walker and i believe the proposed project will have little or no impact for children walking to school van ness is a busy street not only for pedestrian but cyclists that use van ness as a safety easiest in closing i'm an a.d.
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individual supporter of the school where children walk to school where prostitution and drug dealing is an issue at 8 thirty in the morning abutting to marshall central a known local drug dealer was shot dead i believe the van ness will be a welcome edition to our great mission i urge you to support the sponsor so they can debiting get this built thank you for your time several paula. >> thank you as the next speaker comes up i'll call more names (calling names) and i'm hector i live nearby and am opted to this project it attracts transients we don't
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need more trinities hanging around the parking garage i ask it about built open south van ness we need less traffic on 15 street we have a lot of tourists and parents that drop off their kids it is more dangerous there is some which traffic coming and going a child at the elementary school there and i remember there was a lot of traffic so in and the cars they don't respect the signs we need less traffic build it on van ness avenue thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi good afternoon. i'm beatrice a parent anothers marshall i was here at the last
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meeting and i know we were allowed more time to find the impact on moving the garage from awe did care street to 16 street i know the developer wanted to move it to 16th street by mandated by the sfmta and the department where susan she's not here we contracted the departments they've never put a recommendation and it will be okay i guess to put it on van ness ii wanted to state on your report for the san francisco planning department the information dated april 30th, 2014, they said there's an average of 2 hundred and 68 percent again, i want to emphasize it's important we minimize the traffic on 15 to cat and awe did care street
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remember this neighborhood that actually location was the pilot for the traffic calming and safety program that start at the sfmta i wanted to say it's marshall elementary school you're saying it's not a middle school the traffic engineer if he did a study he should have done a study and i'm disappointed with the developers the only meeting we had with them they promised they'll move the garage if there's a problem now they're changing they wanted to shake on it as well as i didn't ask for . >> continuance i'm hoping this change 4 of heart isn't an example of the building of the cooperation and i'm here to ask you to please consider moving
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the driveway to south van ness you have a perfect example on 15 street no impact anything that leaves awe did care he street still has to make a right into 16 street 0 so exit awe did care street where there's pedestrians and awe did care to van ness so the same difference to hear the the marshall school their safety first thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> yes, i'm david grass before i started i wanted to give you constructive notice about the text it's very inaccurate i'm giving this constructive notice if you're minutes are based on our text your minutes are not
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right so that's got to go dealt with there's a number of things i actually worked immediately next to this site and there are 4 different points i want to like to deal with and the first deals with as i previously mentioned the offer building of condo has been not reports if we are going to offer build and end up with empty condos those people are going to lose money i'm doing them a favor by proposing this project awe did care as with the previous people mentioned the awe did care is very narrow if you go down that street it's about a two blanz and one t is parking it's very narrow and is
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a a second project being planned for that the other end at awe did care this is going to be planned where walgreens it two hundred more apartments so awe did care is a visual highway so to look at awe did cadere with - i've seen a major crack from the 1906 san francisco earthquake and there i go to have to do a foundation about one hundred feet deep in order
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to hit bedrock and finally it's not well known this is an indian burial grandstanding ground it's disrespectful to build on an. the court: objection sustained. burial ground. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm mark a homeowner i moved from text 25 years ago this is the total opposite the developers has been con itemus to neighborhood i had information on this project my general request was dropped the hearing notification not post the neighbors were poisoned by the gas station remediation when the organic were brought up this project is not comparable with the planning code it is not respectful of the code and the
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section 8 it didn't meet the out of controls for the greater heights we need a 55 height control for the 27 and a half street it should go back all the way it is for the policy to respect public cords we'll lose our corridors and we won't get to see twin peaks so the post 1906 equate the parking should be moved to south van ness on cap and 15 street to get there i go to this street everyday it is bad and there's no free lunch on transit the marshall school kids
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are walking there all the time and the neighbors don't want the noise from the condo garage door opening into the neighborhood on 1501, 15 street street we're worked with supervisor kim to keep it from going past the school it will be one set of trade offs and put the balance of the citywide burdens here when eastern neighborhoods came out we had no representation at the table for your you are 0 community the difference between the at&t towers and the treatment of staff vs. the absolute standards we need this commission to stand up for the
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community we didn't have the original approvals and ask for justice we need set backs and the parking move forward to south van ness and more affordable onsite thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening. i'm a small business owners in san francisco we work with the successors in pitting the northeast mission and a homeowner in the mission i come into to speak in support of this project this project for one is going to put me in a lot of vacant and the design will behalf that lot and also the studies they've done so far it will not cast a shadow on marshall nor create more traffic around the school and enrich the
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neighborhood thank you any public comment on that item? seeing no public comment are you part of the project team? okay >> good afternoon commissioners shawn regarding the location of the garage adere is a one way amending and no way impact the students going to school in the morning but the children go to and from will not be affected school gets anti two or three clock and folks get out of work 5 or 6 clock and it's a smart location the right location this project regarding our affordability crisis i don't care how i mile-an-hour that the ellis act
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but the percentage of people's income to allocate for people's housing john and i have spent an awesome a lot of time to try to find ways to use our resources better there was a study on a project on ocean avenue 5 hundred and 7 that thousand dollars per door of affordable housing units one hundred percent affordable there's no such thing as an affordable housing unit it is only foolishness affordable to the end yours we have to find was a to be more created and use our resources better something has to be done within the task force there's an idea similar to a discussion that occurred last week taking the existing square footage and reconfiguring it is
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there a better way to use that square footage if in the near future there's a willy the district supervisors the project sponsor is committed to a dialog it's not in the code it's not happening today but in the near future will remain part of that conversation. >> thank you >> next speaker. >> i live in the mission and own any own place we support this project and i'm excited about it i feel if this driveway was on van ness street i drive everyday to that area and feel like bicycle always crazy when
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they go in and out i think we have to look at the safety of everybody so i feel it's not a good idea to have it. >> thank you. next speaker. >> commissioner good afternoon john with the residential builds briefing touching open the eastern neighborhoods the 2008 we had 45 meetings and there were here and everybody wanted an opportunity to participate in the eastern neighborhoods got an opportunity to participate it is consistent with the eastern neighborhoods you've got another lot abandon your creating 72 units of housing and 12 onsite
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below market rate and 60 entry-level units this project has been here 3 times and initiated since 2010 and there was remedial work kouk into 2012 it's time to approve the project and as the previous speaker said if there's a willingness to move forward with the square footage issue the pardon is open to that i ask you to approve the project today. >> thank you. >> sue hester i wasn't to speak until john spoke he's right there was hearing in 2008, i wish this commission would take recognize what was the economy like in 2008, what was the
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economy like to before the preceding 5 years with extensive public hearing it was in the trash can so the planning commission the planning department and the public was looking at a very different context context in housing prices you are today in 2014 open the vertigo of 2015 if you don't sxhft on having a hearing just talking about are the assumptions we're made in the mission plan valid today in housing countries and how much maurtd housing prices would be somewhat affordable compared to what it is now and it is all like we're hiding our head under a towel and not see how things have changed in
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the planning department insists what is happening in 2014 and 2015 would they have been the extensive hearing in the early 2000s on a admission i would be spriementd you can't say that with a straight face i'm sitting out here reading an analysis which prop m because i happened to be weird and the housing crisis and that's thing i was luke the medium housing prices for purchase was $400,000 a two-bedroom unit will be 14 hundred and 19 hundred to $40 the unit pricing for housing in 2008, i happened to be reading
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that what are those united going to be sold for and the context of people that live in the mission in rent control housing so i'm asking you to basically be honest with user and the public what are the signages that drove the adaptation in 2008, and what are the conditions in the market today your displaying people massively and open your eye you'll know it thank you. >> (clapping) >> next speaker >> my name is edwin i've been a homeowner property owner for the past 27 years i've here to
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support it the reason i support this it is making the neighborhood better creating the past 20 years finally the mission is better and cleaner neighborhood for living and also i'm supportive of the project owner i'm surprised if they have it in 2008, they went bankruptcy and why housing is so expensive it took them 6 years to go on project it costs million dollar of interest that's why the housing price is high you're going to have to approve the project more housing and give
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them a higher level of housing then the house price becomes lower it's simple thank you. >> is there any additional public comment seen none, public comment is closed. commissioner antonini. >> you know i've said before this is a wonderful project and agree with the last speaker and something that improves the neighborhood i'll vote for i don't subscribe to this assumption you put something good in and it drives people away and thirty years of under this housing is one of the biggest reasons we have expensive housing and frankly 75 percent rent control units is fine but which one becomes available the price goes through the ceiling so those are the real factors involved this is a
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good plan what it sells for the what the market is what it is and the market is stronger rather than the housing going down in prices i like the speaker spoke factually about those projects you have a reduction in crime and vandalism and graffiti in the area that's a big part of what we're trying to do to improve the neighborhoods other things in particular are the things been said affordable on site and 16 percent is amenable to what one speaker said i suggest we suggest we the board of supervisors and mayors task force they explore the examining of the affordable unit
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by square footage rather than by number if that can be done and if it's agreeable to the sponsor to put in addition units to smaller units probably but more individuals units i'll see what the other commissioners said as it's written we have to abide by the affordability and the rates are clearly by percentage we have to pass we certainly can be amenable to something that might happen in the future that makes this project eligible so a few other things that's been said already they're to be emphatically $4.3 million an estimated minute dollars in transfer tax and one million
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dollars 90 in sales tax and image they're to go up they've spent a million in cleaning up the gas station and providing retail and less than the allowed park and starkers and only 48 onsite this is a i get to the point people talked about the importance which adere to give you an awe anyone else we have single-family homes on both sides we have 10 houses on both sides they each have a minimum of 10 cars we have 40 cars coming and out of the driveway for satisfactory reasons we're there from 5 to 7 it's less


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